Heat level (scale=1~5): 2++ (Medium)Zhug-Zhug is Harissa inspired powdered hot sauce. Biggest difference between a traditional Harissa (apart from this being powdered versus a paste) is the lack of tomato. We skipped the tomato to offer more versatility and to extend the product's shelf life. That said, this is a fantastic base of seasonings for a solid, authentic homemade Harissa. AN intense blend of chile peppers (including Kashmir, Aleppo, Cayenne, Ancho, Smoked Paprika, Guajillo, and just enough Reaper to give it some burn), Coriander, Garlic, Salt, and a blend of choice, exotic spices.


    • Heat level: 2++ (on a scale of 1~5)
    • This is a Savory product!
    • Works great as a seasoning on plated dishes as well as a rub. Fantastic on veggies, meats, and more. Adds a killer old world twist to most anything.