Highlights: An intense, sweet heat Pineapple & Guava sauce without equal. .


LEVELS: (1~5)

  • Heat: 2 warmer MILD
  • Savory: 2
  • Sweet: 4+


Uses: Chicken, Cheese, Seafood, Pork and more.


Overview: The planet's only contract manufactured Peppadew® hot sauce! If you thoroughly enjoy the taste of the Peppadew piquante pepper, then this is a sauce you are probably going to LOVE. Tge Peppadew is the star of the show, and the unique tartness and tropical fruity funk of fermented Peruvian orange Habanero peppers brings a nice level of heat without overpowering the sauce. Sweetness is accentuated with locally sourced honey. 


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, but don't despair, it IS coming back soon!

VooDew HoneyDoo

$7.99 Regular Price
$7.43Sale Price
  • Keeps and tastes best if refrigerated after opening. We do not use any artificial preservatives and rely solely on pasteurization and pH to create shelf stability. 

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