Heat level (scale=1~5): 3 (Moderate/Medium)

In short, this is dry Sriracha hot sauce! True to the Thai tradition of using only 5 ingredients: peppers, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic.


We use the same premium toasted garlic that found in several of our world famous hot sauces, and despite being expensive, we did not hold back! Mixed with a blend of vinegar powder, and a delicious blend of pepper powders, including Cayenne, extra hot Kashmir, and Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper! 


Tastes simply amazing on Mac & Cheese, pork rinds, popcorn, Ramen noodles, Pho, and much, much more! In short, use this anywhere you would consider using a Sriracha style sauce.


NOTICE: this is the large bottle intended for those who plan on using Thai Dry a lot! If this is something that is new to your pantry or more of an every-now-and-again type of thing, please consider purchasing a Shorty of Thai Dry. CLICK HERE.

THAI DRY (tall)

    • Heat level: 3 (on a scale of 1~5)
    • Nice balance of Sweet and Savory
    • Lower Salt content than most Sriracha sauces
    • Pairs well with most anything you'd pour a Sriracha sauce on, but Thai Dry especially shines on wings, mac & cheese, ramen, fries and especially on pork rinds (chicharonnes)!