We're not in the garment business, we're in the hot sauce business, and we're in the people business. Therefore, we allow TeeSpring to handle our apparel needs. So, NO ... the price is not ZERO. This is just a place holder to explain how things work with t-shirts, etc. Read on ...


As stated, we're not in the clothing business; TeeSpring, however, is. What's cool is that TeeSpring also does things on a print to order sort of plan (although it can take up to 3 days before the print part happens). That alleviates any inventory and financial burdens on us so we can focus on making sauces and getting them to you!


TeeSpring is not the cheapest, but neither is their material nor their work. They do force us to set a minimum mark-up on products, and ALL we charge is that minimum mark-up. It should do your heart good to know that in most cases that stipend of money / mark-up is directly donated to a charity or another good cause. Quite frankly, it's an honor that people actually love our products and/or company enough to want to share it proudly with the world!


So, if you're in the mood for some kickass t-shirt and hoodies, click on the link below!