Heat level (scale=1~5): 4 (Hot!)A deep love of Italian & Mediterranean seasonings drove the creation of this product. Rome is Burning was designed to be used as a cooking ingredient, a stand alone seasoning/condiment, or as an insanely zesty dressing mix! THIS IS OUT HOTTEST powdered "sauce" to date, so be careful with this one! Basil, Garlic, Oregano, Onion, Rosemary & Thyme, blended with sugar and salt makes for an insanely delicious seasoning blend that deserves some respect because it DOES contain a nice dosage of Carolina Reaper powder! (actual contents 27g ... feel free to empty the container and weigh it; money back guarantee)

Rome is Burning (shorty)

    • Heat level: 4+ (on a scale of 1~5)
    • Moderate sweetness, but this IS a Savory product!
    • Pairs well with most any Mediterranean dish, but it works especially nice on pizza, for some fiery garlic bread, and a LOT more. This is one of our best sellers.