Heat level (scale=1~5): 3 (Medium)

A big nod to our visits to the beautiful island of Jamaica! Albeit, with a nice blast of heat from the Carolina Reaper chile pepper. Flaming Jerk was designed to be used as a cooking ingredient or as a stand alone seasoning or condiment. 


A tasty blend of Garlic, Thyme, crushed Tellecherry peppercorns, Cumin, Allspice, Cinnamon, and spices make for an insanely delicious seasoning blend that deserves some respect because it DOES contain a nice dosage of Carolina Reaper powder!

Flaming Jerk (Shorty)

    • Heat level: 3+ (on a scale of 1~5)
    • This is a Savory product!
    • Works best as a rub prior to cooking due to the granularity of the ingredients, but it is somewhat popular as a topping. Flaming Jerk especially shines when it comes to making some genuinely spicy Jamaican jerk chicken!