Highlights: INSANELY HOT "Super Food" sauce. This is an extremelt limited edition sauce.


LEVELS: (Scale 1~5)

Heat: 7 INSANE

Savory: 2

Sweet: 3+


Uses: Made to pair with most any white meat, also awesome on lamb and seafood.


Ingredient overview: Made with Cranberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate Green Tea, Apples, Black Cherry, Coriander, Balsamic vinegar, Red wine vinegar, and carrots.


This is one of THE HOTTEST sauceas we have ever made! 42% of this sauce is a blend of the world's hottest chile peppers (predominately the Carolina Reaper), and the base of the sauce is our exquisitely complex "super food" sauce, Phoenix. The ingredients may sound fruity, but this is not actually a fruity tasting sauce.


Last year we set aside several cases for friends & family and we are releasing the last few of those to you! We have one last delay and 2 bottling dates set aside for once the labels arrive! This annual tradition is an insanely hot, wonderfully complex sauce that has enjoyed fans for years now. The intense blend of ultra hot peppers (predominately the Carolina Reaper) are fresh and not diluted into a mash, delivering you unmatched flavor, and did we mention it's insanely hot?


The flavors dominant in this sauce are reminiscent of an intense Garam Masala, or possibly even a fresh mix of Chinese 5-Spice. It’s hard to put a finger to the individual spice components, but your mouth will never forget the intense flavors … or the intense heat.


PRE-ORDER TODAY, and you’ll be first in line to have this shipped to you once available. Expected ship date for all pre-orders is on/before November 26th, 2018.


Phoenix: Fire

  • This is the very last few bottles of the 2017 Harvest Edition and another bottling of this recipe is not expected until mid to late 2019.

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