Heat level (scale=1~5): 1+ (MILD, but there's a nice buzz!)


People asked for a milder verion of Powdered Porcus, and here it is! The smooth & sublimely delicious flavors of PORCUS are now avaliable in a dry seasoning mix, AND with the trademark Porcus Original family friendly level of heat!


When it comes to bacon flavored products, we get it. We created PORCUS Brand to change the world, even if only in one small way: to prove to the foodie world that the words "bacon flavored" on a  label no longer equates to disappointment!


Designed to be used as a table condiment / seasoning, but also an excellent cooking ingredient or dry rub. Powdered PORCUS has been one of the most enthusuastucally received new products in our line-up, ever. The robust flavors and extreme usability has made this a fan favorite that has been a challenge for us to keep up with demand. Some of the favorite pairings its fans have mentioned include mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, porkchops, hamburgers, fries, loaded potato, hot dogs, ribs, and more!


Bring home the blessed goodness of BACON! and add the simply sublime wonder that is the heart of PORCUS to any dish you would consider adding bacon or chile pepper heat to.


PLEASE  NOTE: this is the MILD version!

*MILD* Powdered Porcus

  • What it's all about:

    • Heat level: 1 (on a scale of 1~5)
    • Nice balance of Sweet and Savory
    • Low SODIOUM
    • Pairs well with ... ANYTHING you'd think about adding bacon to!