Highlights: One of our craziest bacon creations to date! Try, if you can, to imagine maple, bourbon and bacon all wrapped into one hot sauce! Designed to be used where you'd want to use an over the-the-top BBQ sauce, but only as a condiment for your own dish!


LEVELS: (1~5)

  • Heat: 4+ Hot!
  • Savory: 4
  • Sweet: 4


Uses: Anywhere you'd want to use a thick, sweet, intense BBQ sauce.


Ingredient overview: The stars of the show are Maple syrup, Bacon, and a complimentary roll of beautiful bourbon flavors. This is one of our hotter bacon sauces ... definitely hotter than Bacon Taco, not as hot as Bacon Me Crazy, and with a finish that will leave you wanting to go back for more! While more of a tomato based BBQ style sauce, the tomato presence is definitely softened by the strength of the maple, bourbon and bacon.


Notes: this is another true example of Sui Generis: OF ITS OWN KIND! There is nothing like this on the market, and we'll genuinely be surprised if there ever is. This is more of a seasonal sauce, although it is not on any set schedule.

Maple'd Bacon

  • Keeps and tastes best if refrigerated after opening. We do not use any artificial preservatives and rely solely on pasteurization and pH to create shelf stability. 

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