Same awesome deal as our other Score 4 sale, except upgraded to a TALL size bottle of Powdered Porcus, giving you almost 3 times as much powdery #Saucesomeness compared to a Shorty! 


Right now, and for a very limited time, make any day Taco Tuesday, and make any meal an over the top event tha you, your friends, and especially your taste buds will always remember! Included in this sale:


BACON TACO: the world's first and, to our knowledge, still the only bacon flavored TACO sauce! Brings a beautiful level of heat that tapers off quickly, allowing the cumin and other spices to work their magic on your palate! Reg. $7.99


BACON-X: our extra hot bacon hot sauce, done up Molé style! Well, except in place of cocoa, we went with the heart of our PORCUS Brand flavors! A long, steady, and wonderful burn that still allows the sublime flavors to still shine through. Reg. $8.99


TEXAS SAND: one of our more poopular powdered hot sauces and one that naturally lends itself to southwestern fare! Think: Chili Lime, meets Taco seasoning spices, meets Chili powder ... and then something more! Reg. $4.99


POWDERED PORCUS, Tall bottle: the heart of the world famous Porcus flavors now available as a powdered hot sauce. This has been our most talked about and enthusiastically received new product in several years! You won't regret this one ... and if you do, please reach out: we'll offer you your money back. Reg. $9.99





Taco Combo Pack - BIGGER Edition

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