Highlights: Our third official co-branded collaboration hot sauce with Flying Dog Brewery, made with one of their flagship sauces, Bloodline Blood Orange Ale.  


LEVELS: (1~5)

  • Heat: 3 Medium
  • Savory: 3
  • Sweet: 3


Uses: Bloodline goes exceptionally well on many light protein dishes, and is an exceptional compliment to jerk chicken! Fantastic on seafood, pork, and makes a solid marinade.


Ingredient overview: More than some of the craft beer collaboration sauces we've done, the beer definitely takes center stage. Italian roasted red pepper provides some body and a solid flavor base. The use of Berbere spice blend gives this sauce an insanely unique characteristic, and also made this our boldest craft beer hot sauce to date.   


Notes: Now we're at collaboration #3 ... a time at which the team at Flying Dog started to get a more hands on with the sauce recipes and asserting themselves more. Given their exquisite palates and their individual culinary expertise, it was a welcome change of process. That said, every one of the early test batches fell short of whatever they had envisioned within their collective psyche, and they kept sending us back to the "Lab" suggesting we add more of various ingredients. The final product is a wonderful beast of intense flavors and big, yet still manageable, heat!


This IS a year round offering for us and is sold in stores, online and at the Flying Dog Brewery tasting room.


  • Keeps and tastes best if refrigerated after opening. We do not use any artificial preservatives and rely solely on pasteurization and pH to create shelf stability.