Highlights: A tomato forward and herbal sauce made especially for Mediterranean dishes and pizza. It delivers a very long, slow, and sneaky burn via the use of ghost chiles.  


LEVELS: (1~5)

  • Heat: 3+ Hot
  • Savory: 5
  • Sweet: 3


Uses: Made especially for tomato based Italian dishes and pizza, this sauce can be used almost anywhere in place of ketchup. 


Ingredient overview: The tomato presence is huge. The blend of Mediterranean spices is nicely balanced, with Thyme being the one of the bunch that takes a little prominence. Not too much onion or garlic, but their presence is balanced and welcome. We mixed the heat up a good bit by adding Cayenne, Thai, Ghost and Reaper chiles in varying amounts, delivering a fun, layered spicy heat experience.   


Notes: Originally made as something of a one-off "novelty" sauce for the 2014 NYC Hot Sauce Expo, the name is a twice over double entendre. The first part, Bhuty is a play on the botanical name of the ghost chile: the Bhut Jolokia. And Thyme ... well, that's one of the main Italian style seasonings in the blend. The sauce gained more popularity than we expected and remains in production to this day, albeit not as a regular year round offering.

Bhuty Thyme

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  • Keeps and tastes best if refrigerated after opening. We do not use any artificial preservatives and rely solely on pasteurization and pH to create shelf stability.