Highlights: A bacon table sauce with a bite! Dark, earthy, somewhat sweet for a minute, followed by long, slow buildiung burn! Not insanely hot, but not for someone who's a beginner to spicy foods. 


LEVELS: (1~5)

  • Heat: 4 Hot
  • Savory: 4
  • Sweet: 3


Uses: This is a table sauce for folks who like more burn and less of the tanginess of our Original Mild recipe.


Ingredient overview: Ancho, Guajillo and Pasilla chile peppers -- long known as the "holy trinity" of chile peppers, especaiily as they apply to traditional mole sauces -- are showcased atop the gentle sweetness of secret sauce. Other ingredients include sweet onion, garlic, coriander seed, and the other peppers in the mix are Cayenne, with a judicious blend of Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia and Carolina Reaper. While the final three are known as the world's hottest peppers, they do not dominate the show here as they are not the primary ingredients.


Notes: While this recipe does contain the bacon and ham components of the original mild "Porcus" sauce, they place more of a secondary role here, allowing the sauce to play the role of a semi-sweet and savory variation of a Mole sauce ... execpt where one would expect chocolate, there's bacon instead! Compared to the "Orignal-Mild," Bacon-X is a thicker/richer sauce with deep, earthy flavors, and an overall “dark” presence and a lingering and slowly building heat that has made it a favorite of popular favorite for many. While this is among the hottest of our regular production sauces, it is still one that is approachable to a rather large audience.


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  • Keeps and tastes best if refrigerated after opening. We do not use any artificial preservatives and rely solely on pasteurization and pH to create shelf stability.