Year of the Pig

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The year was 2012, the Year of the Water Dragon, when Porcus -- the world famous gourmet #bacon hot sauce was crafted. It was also the year that we hatched the idea of spreading the gospel of #Saucesomeness by means of launching this little hot sauce company. Our infamous and wonderfully unique pig sauce quickly put us on the map and we have looked forward to the Year of the Pig ever since. We happily extend the invitation for you to join us in celebrating the Chinese New Year with a tasty 15% discount when you use the promo code PIG at check-out!

What's the catch?

There is no catch. The 15% discount applies to ALL regularly stocked items, not including limited edition products. The key word here is items: we can not apply this discount code to grouped product sales (such as the pick your own 4-pak deal on our powdered "sauces"). Before you jump over to the store to do some shopping, check THIS out:

What's new for 2019?

The time has come for us to expand our dry goods line! In addition to our wildly popular dry Sriracha, THAI DRY, we have added the following spicy seasonings (aka: "powdered hot sauces") :

  • ROME IS BURNIG (an insanely hot Italian seasoning blend)

  • FLAMING JERK is a medium heat Jamaican style jerk seasoning.

  • ZHUG-ZHUG is a medium heat Harissa seasoning blend

  • other insanely tasty products are in the tasting lab now!

You can find our highly touted Powdered Hot Sauces at:

Don't Forget Your Discount

Use the promo code PIG at check-out to get your 15% discount today! Ready to do some shopping? Click below:


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