POWDERED PORCUS: You asked ...

If you already know the back story and are here just to see if there's a kickazz sale happening, scroll to the end of this short article!

Historically, we're accustomed to people asking for a hotter version of many of our popular products. With Powdered Porcus, however, we got the opposite request. Like the brand's namesake, the sauce, Porcus Original (formerly known as "Porcus Infernum"), there's definitely a demand for huge taste without the face melting, meal altering heat. Among those inquiring about a milder version was our founder's loving mother, and the decision was sealed with a simple, polite reply of, "Yes ma'am!"

You asked for it ... we DELIVERED!

We are pleased to announce the release of Powdered Porcus - the MILD Edition!

ALL the glorious bacony goodness of Porcus, but with a Family Friendly heat level!

Score yours today with an introductory discount of 25% OFF! Score yours today while supplies last!

CLICK HERE to learn more!

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