Powdered Hot Sauce?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

It may be new to you, but powdered hot "sauce" is a thing and it's been in the making for a few years or so now. High on the list of why this is a popular alternative is because they stay fresher longer, without refrigeration, make for convenient travel companions, and interact with food quite differently than sauces do.

Our dry products division, Voodoo Chile Spiceworx, exists to entertain taste buds and breathe a breath of fresh air into your culinary world! We launched the brand in 2014 with our Sriracha inspired product, Thai Dry, which remains in a class all its own. There are other "dry Sriracha" products on the market, but nothing yet quite compares!

In recent years we've added an Italian seasoning, Rome is Burning, a Jamaican Jerk rub, and modestly infernal Harissa seasoning, Zhug-Zhug.

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If you want a little more detail first, here's a slightly more detailed run-down on our current (Feb 2019) powdered hot sauces:

THAI DRY: moderate heat (we consider it a 3+ on a 5 scale) and is based on our love and decades long obsession with the tradition of the Sriracha style sauce! Not too salty, not too tangy, not too sweet, and a wonderful blast of toasted garlic!

Zhug-Zhug: mild-moderate heat (2++ on a 5 scale) is a thoroughly jazzed up Harissa spice blend. All that's needed to make a kickass Harissa paste is throw some canned red peppers and a little tomato paste in the food processor with some Zhug-Zhug and you're off to the races!

ROME IS BURNIGN: big heat (it 's a solid 4 on a 5 scale) is huge blast of semi sweet, super savory and big heat Italian seasoning treat. It's more similar to a dry Italian dressing blend than the simple herb blend often referred to as "Italian seasonings."

FLAMING JERK: modest heat (3-ish on a 5 scale) and our nod to the intensely delicious tradition from Jamaican cuisine! Definitely a step up in heat from the Jerk rubs sold most anywhere else, but it's not insanely over the top either.

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