It has arrived! POWDERED PORCUS

BACON Makes Everything Better!

It took years to dial this one in, but it's finally here!

Powdered Porcus is a fiery, intensely flavored BACON dry seasoning. Based on the world famous flavor profile of the ingredient set we affectionately call, The Heart of Porcus, this opens a whole new chapter in the ongoing story of PORCUS: the world's first gourmet bacon hot sauce.

Like all of our "powdered hot sauces," this one was also designed to be used as a dry condiment on plated food (let's face, not all of our guests, family members or roommates are fans of the fire), but it also shines true when used as a cooking ingredient or to kick up most any dry rub.

Score yours today, and today through Father's Day 2020 use promo code BACON to knock 20% OFF of your entire order (excludes already discounted package deals such as "Score 4").

Immediately available in both Tall and Shorty bottles.

CLICK HERE to check out Powdered Porcus and the rest of our simply sublime and wonderfully unique powdered hot sauces.

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