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Awesome People Eat Awesome Sauce

-   ABOUT US  -

BACON: it's what we do!

BACON is what got us started and when PORCUS Original was first released it was the world's FIRST deliciously usable, convincing, bacon hot sauce. While others have released competing products -- many of which are fine examples of tastiness -- the PORCUS line remains in a category all its own. For over 7 years we have continued to raise the bar with each new bacon themed offering, which is partially why our sauces have passionate, devoted fans throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

We hope you decide to take the plunge and join us in our campaign to make the world a better place, one meal at a time!


is to make people smile! PORCUS Brand exists to entertain taste buds, and we craft unique, intensely bold products with the highest quality ingredients in an effort to do just that. We are obsessed with breaking new ground and doing what hasn't been done. We are not here to merely generate individual sales but, instead, consumed with the joy of finding and connecting with like-minded souls with a passion for fire with their food.  

In addition to crafting original, innovative flavor profiles, we maintain a focus on batch-to-batch consistency. When it to serving the people who support us, we are blessed with team members who provide nothing short of world class customer service!  


… is to continue to break new ground, and to bring our finest products with the largest fan bases to major markets everywhere. We remain resolute in our commitment to offering unique, original products which cannot be found anywhere else. Our vision also includes taking the products which have have a devoted following into large grocery stores everywhere. Not only have our customers been asking for this, we have enjoyed the distinct honor of being told by one of the true the pioneers in the gourmet hot sauce space that, "Porcus belongs on the shelves of every major grocery store in America." It is our hope that our fans can help us grant their wish to have these products more accessible in that way.    


Everything we do is done with Integrity.

Everybody we meet, we treat with Respect.

World class customer Service is what we seek to deliver at every turn.

At the end of the day, it's all about Enthusiasm. Our corporate mantra is, “Make ’em smile.”